What Is Amazon Flex and How Does It Work?

You can earn money by delivering packages for Amazon as part of the delivery service gig known as Amazon Flex. It’s comparable to DoorDash or Grubhub in that you may choose the work you want to do. Downloading the app and completing the registration process will allow you to sign up and get started in as little as one day.

What Is Amazon Flex

Is Amazon Flex Driver Job Available in My City?

In the US, Amazon Flex is accessible in more than 50 cities. Download the app and let Amazon know that you’re interested in becoming a delivery partner if your city isn’t mentioned. They will notify you if your city is added in the future.

Download the Amazon Flex App

Scan the QR code below to start the sign-up process, or go to logistics.amazon.com/app/download-app to get the app for your phone.

Download the Amazon Flex App

How Many Hours Can You Get With Amazon Flex?

Depending on your location, the time of year, and other variables, you may be able to work anywhere from 25 to 40 hours per week. The majority of people work weekends, holidays, and evenings, but it’s up to you!

Can Amazon Flex Be a Full-Time Job?

Sincerely, Amazon Flex isn’t a full-time position. It is more akin to a side business or additional source of income. We advise considering other choices, such as driving for Uber or Lyft, where you may earn significantly more per hour and work less hours per week, if you want to make money with Amazon Flex full-time.

How To Become an Amazon Flex Driver

You can watch a series of videos after downloading the app to understand best practices. In order to determine where you can pick up products, they will then ask you for personal information regarding your delivery preferences.

You will then enter your tax and payment information. Finally, you can decide which services area will be used for package pickup.

Requirements to Become an Amazon Flex Driver


With the exception of New York, Amazon offers free commercial auto insurance to its delivery partners in all other states. Due to the fact that this policy only provides coverage while you are actively delivering a package, you must continue your insurance as well.


Any car is permitted for those delivering Prime Now orders. A 4-door mid-size sedan or bigger is needed to deliver Amazon.com orders. Vehicles with open beds, such as trucks, do not satisfy the requirements. Scooters, motorcycles, and bicycles don’t fit the criteria either.


The most recent Amazon Flex app must be downloaded on an Android or iPhone. specifically an Android device with 2GB RAM or more and version 7 or later. GPS, a SIM card, and a camera with flash. iPhones need to be a 6s model or above, and iOS14 or higher is required.

Background Check

Before approving your application, Amazon Flex will conduct a background check; this process can take up to two weeks. For this purpose, they employ a third-party organization called “correct background.”

How Amazon Flex Works

Delivery blocks are how Amazon Flex functions. As supply meets demand, Amazon posts delivery blocks in the app. You can select the delivery block and it will be added to your schedule if you are available for a delivery. Your hours will be finished once you have made all the deliveries that are scheduled.

What are Instant Offers?

When you are available to make deliveries, you can use a feature called Instant Offers. It’s equivalent to saying you’re available and willing to accept any deliveries. You can automatically accept deliveries once you enable the “Available Now” option. You will automatically add these instant offers to your schedule and complete the deliveries as they appear.

What to Expect on Day 1

You can anticipate the following on day one.

  1. One hour prior to your delivery block, you will have the opportunity to leave for the distribution center. If your phone’s GPS indicates that you are close enough, you can check in 15 minutes beforehand.
  2. Pull into the center and adhere to the flex driver signs.
  3. To let Amazon staff know what block you are there for, you will engage with them and scan your arrival code.
  4. After that, the employee will direct you to a rack with packages on it.
  5. The app will then be used to scan all of your parcels.
  6. delivery period As you leave, Amazon staff members might inquire about the number of packages scanned.
  7. To deliver your packages, use the app. The app is well-designed and manages your schedule for you.

How Much Does Amazon Flex Pay?

Payment per delivery block is very clearly outlined by Amazon Flex. Typical blocks cost about $18 per hour. For larger vehicles, larger delivery blocks pay more.

There are many factors that can influence the pay of the Flex blocks, but depending on the demand for Amazon deliveries, the season, and how busy things are, some Amazon Flex blocks pay more.

How To Maximize the Earnings

Some claim that when they see a block placed, they wait for a few hours for the price of the work to increase. Of course, there is a chance that someone else will take it for little money first. Not the best course of action.

Given the enormous demand for Amazon deliveries, it’s critical to seize any opportunities you may have if you’re serious about earning extra money. Amazon Flex is designed to encourage consumers to accept gigs, like many other gig-related apps.

Amazon Flex Pros and Cons


  • To try it is free.
  • Enjoy your role as a sole proprietor.
  • Set aside work time as you see fit.
  • It might be a part-time or weekend job.
  • Join the Amazon Flex Rewards program.
  • No bulky items.
  • Within the blocks, the stops are close to one another.
  • Twice per week, payment is received via direct deposit.


  • Deterioration of the vehicle
  • You pay for gas and gasoline.
  • Delivery zones can be too far away from your preferred location.
  • Blocks might be challenging to obtain.
  • They can be sent to dangerous places.


Does Amazon Flex Pay for Fuel

No, you are in charge of paying for gas as an independent contractor.

Does Amazon Flex Pay More Than Uber?

It depends; during Uber’s busiest hours, you’ll make more money. When you choose a block with Amazon Flex, you will know exactly how much money you will make. People advise starting with Flex and using Uber to fill in the gaps.

Does Amazon Flex Pay Daily?

No, on Tuesdays and Thursdays, drivers can cash out.

Does Amazon Flex Give Bonuses?

Drivers used to get a $100 bonus if they worked at least 20 hours per week in December.

Can You Get Tips On Amazon Flex?

Customers may tip the drivers, of course.

What Do You Do With A Package You Can’t Deliver

You must transport a package all the way back to the warehouse if you are unable to deliver it. You must visit the warehouse the next morning by 10 am if it is closed.

What Are Bluetooth Locker Deliveries?

This combines Amazon Hub Lockers and the Amazon Flex App. Simply deliver the orders to the lockers provided by Amazon.

What’s the Difference Between Flex Logistics, Prime Now and Whole Foods Blocks?

Only parcels are included in flex logistics. Deliveries of packages and meals are part of Prime Now. Furthermore, Whole Foods blocks are only for Whole Foods orders. Food orders are included in Prime Now and Wholefoods blocks, but not in Flex Logistics. Only warehouse pickup is available with Amazon Flex. While Prime Now may be a restaurant, store, or warehouse.

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